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Regardless of the type of legal issue you face, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Kaplan & Sconzo, P.A., deliver an unparalleled level of personal attention to your case. This dynamic approach means that your questions are always answered and you stay informed on the progress of your case at all times.

Our lawyers divide their time equally between civil and criminal cases, so we can give your case the proper level of attention it deserves.

Serving you after an accident or personal injury
A personal injury can leave you with pain and suffering, expensive medical bills, and even lost wages. When the injury occur as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should speak with an attorney to protect your rights.

Your Criminal Defense Team
Criminal charges can drastically impact your life, threaten your job, family and financial well-being. If you’re facing criminal charges, work with our criminal defense attorneys to fully explore your options.

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Why Choose Us?

The attorneys at Kaplan & Sconzo, P. A., have handled personal injury cases throughout Florida
and New York to include, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, tractor trailer accidents, slip and fall accidents, premises liability accidents, dog bites accidents along with many other cases of negligence.

Kaplan & Sconzo, P. A., is comprised of a diverse legal team with years of experience and stands alone as the only law firm with two (2) former Special Agents of the FBI as its partners. Each and every case is given undivided attention by both partners and the staff of professionals at the firm. Our diverse backgrounds provide a unique perspective into the investigation of civil claims or criminal allegations. A custom tailored legal strategy is developed for each case, which results in the best possible outcome for our clients.

Unfortunately, the most minor criminal case can have long lasting consequences. The attorneys at Kaplan & Sconzo, P. A., have experience in handling DUI cases, drug offenses, Expunction cases, White Collar Crimes, Mortgage Fraud cases, Securities Fraud cases, Bank Fraud cases, Pornography cases, Probation Violation matters, Prostitution charges and Reckless Driving charges. As former FBI Special Agents, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Kaplan & Sconzo, P. A., know the elements of a criminal act and what needs to be established in order for a criminal complaint, Indictment, or Information to be filed. This gives our firm a tremendous advantage, one that results in the best outcome for our clients.